Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rails Chops: Working with databases



  • Configure Rails to work with a database (database.yml)

  • create table (migration)

  • use ActiveRecord to interact with our database

  • use script/console to learn how ActiveRecord works


  • handle application state (usually in the database)

  • encapsulate business logic, such as data validation and rules applied to data


  • ORM (object-relational mapping)

  • Instead of dealing with database through SQL statements, ORM layer presents records as a collection of objects

  • Table represents a collection of objects(stories)

  • Record represents an object/model (story)

  • Field represents an object attribute (title)

CRUD operations on database

  • C: create, insert record into table

  • R: read, select record(s) from table

  • U: update, update record(s) in the table

  • D: delete, delete record(s) from the table

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